About us

This project brings together Bibliothèques Sans Frontières France (BSF), Bibliothèques Sans Frontières Belgique (BSF Be), Public libraries 2030 (PL2030), Suomen Kirjastoseura – the Finnish Library Association (FLA), Fundacja Rozwoju Spoleczenstwa Informacyjnego (FRSI), and Koninklijke Bibliotheek Nationale Bibliotheek van Nederland (KB) with the aim of upscaling the “Voyageurs du Numérique” (VDN) platform developed by BSF to the 4 project countries and training librarians in using the platform to run digital literacy activities. The VDN platform is part of a digital literacy programme created by BSF and has a wide variety of activity sheets available on it. The Digital Travellers platform will follow a similar model and will make available activity sheets in English as well as the partner countries’ local languages.